Boston Chinese Church of Saving Grace


Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and concern for the safety and health of our members, we will be suspending Sunday Worship Service for the remainder of the month of March. There will be no service on 3/15, 3/22, and 3/29. The Chinese Fellowship meeting on 3/29 will also be cancelled. We will keep you posted on plans beyond that.
During this time, we would like to request the following:

  1. Pray together from your own home @ 11am on these Sundays
  2. Pray together from your own home daily @ 9pm for the coronavirus situation and the wellbeing of our congregation
  3. Observe good practices for keeping yourself healthy and safe
  4. Contact us with any needs or concerns that you may have

Stay safe and healthy!

由於新冠病毒大流行和關注著我們會友的安全和健康,我們將暫停餘下三月份的主日崇拜。3/15,3/22和3/29將沒有主日崇拜。 3/29的中文團契也將取消。



  1. 在主日的上午11時,我們一同在自己家中祈禱
  2. 每日晚上9時,在自己家中同心合意為新冠狀病毒的狀況和我們會眾的健康祈禱
  3. 留心使用對個人健康和安全的良好措施
  4. 如果你有任何需求或疑慮,請與我們執事聯絡


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