Boston Chinese Church of Saving Grace


We will continue to suspend the in-church Sunday Worship Services until further notice. We will continue to monitor the situation, discuss this topic during each monthly BOD meeting and keep you posted on any plans to resume service again when the time comes. During this time, we would like to invite you to do the following:

  • On Sundays, please participate in an on-line Sunday worship service, or you can pray, read the Bible, and sing hymns to worship God on your own @ 11am
  • Pray together from your own home daily @ 9pm for the Coronavirus situation and the well being of our congregation and also the state of the World today (pray for Unity)
  • Observe good practices for keeping yourself and those around you healthy and safe
  • Please pray and maintain contact with one another. Contact us for any needs or concerns that you may have

Here are some on-line activities for BCCSG that have been going on:

  • FHL fellowship meets every other Saturday on Zoom
  • English fellowship meets every Sunday @ 11am on Zoom (Sunday School every 4th Sunday of the month)
  • Church prayer meeting (led by Mary Iao) every Friday @ 8pm on Zoom
  • Cantonese Sunday School every Sunday @ 10:15am on Zoom
  • Special topic workshops

If you need more info and want to join any of these on-line meetings, please let us know.

2021 Deacon Nomination/Election Suspended: Due to the suspension of in person Sunday service during the pandemic, the BOD has decided to suspend the 2021 Deacon Election and extend the current 2020 Deacon posts (Kenny, Sandy and Wen Jee) for another year through 2021. No Deacon nominations were submitted by members as of the 9/20 deadline.

General Assembly (Sunday November 8 @ 1pm) on Zoom

  • Approve 2021 Financial Budget
  • Select 2020 Financial Auditors
  • Approve the January 26, 2020 General Assembly Meeting Minutes
  • Church Updates
  • Celebrate BCCSG’s 35th Anniversary

Service Planner

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親愛的弟兄姊妹: 奉耶穌的名向你們問安!我祈求你們都安康。我們將繼續暫停到教會大樓主日崇拜直至日後通告。


  • 在主日,請參加在線的主日崇拜,或者您可在上午11時以祈禱,閱讀聖經並唱讚美詩作個人向神敬拜
  • 每天晚上9時在自己家中一起為新冠病毒疫情,我們會眾的福祉以及當今世界的狀況祈禱(全球合一禱告)
  • 保持個人良好操守使自己和周圍的人都健康安全
  • 請祈禱並與弟兄姊妹彼此保持聯繫。如果您有任何需要或疑慮,請與我們聯絡


  • 信望愛團契每隔一個星期六在Zoom上舉行
  • 英語團契在的每個星期日上午 11 時在Zoom上舉行(每月的第4個星期日是主日學)
  • 教會禱告會每個星期五晚 8時在Zoom上舉行(由邱美葉姊妹帶領)
  • 粵語主日學每個星期日上午 10:15 在Zoom 上課
  • 專題講座



  • 將奉獻發送到教會的Zelle帳戶(
  • 郵寄支票給教堂(勿寄現金)
  • 聯絡黄李文姬作安排


  • 由於疫情期間暫停親身到教會大樓聚會,執事會決定暫停2021年執事選舉,並將目前2020年執事職位(李健明,吳玉芳和黄李文姬)延長一年到2021年
  • 在9/20截止日期, 執事會沒有收到任何會友提交執事提名人名單


  • 通過2021年財政預算
  • 選出2020年財務審計師
  • 通過一月份 (01/26/20) 的大會會議記錄
  • 教會的最新消息
  • 慶祝救恩堂35週年

保持安全和健康! 永遠的祝福!